Beacon stops responding

I’ve been using an LTE beacon for about a week. And a couple times now the beacon has been in a state that the estimote app and the WebIDE cannot see or connect to it. The only thing that rectifies this situation is if I remove the battery from the beacon. This requires taking the rubber off and I’m now keep this board outside of the rubber as to not have to put it back in again. Is there a reason why this is happening? cause this is a showstopper in the real world for me.

Beacon does not advertise if:

  • it already has an open connection (it should indicated it by slowly blinking 3 side LEDs).
  • battery is drained or nearly drained
  • radio circuitry is damaged

Did it always been like this or it just recently started?
Have you tried to restart browser, computer or BT stack and check if it helps with Bluetooth connection?
What operating system and web browser are you using to connect via WebIDE?

You can still upload your micro-app to beacon using LTE and Release to Production button. I may be not as convenient as direct Bluetooth connection, but it does allow to continue development.

The estimote app doesn’t see it either. I’ve only had it for a week, so I guess it has always done it. It’s now happened around 4 times. There was no active connection and it was fully charged the last 2 times it did it.