LTE io.getMaxLed returns unexpected value

LTE io.getMaxLed returns 0 when called. I was expecting 9 which is 3 lights in 3 segments (3 * 3).
Why would I be wrong in expecting this? Firmware 0.2.6 Hardware LTE_A1.1

There is a bug in that firmware revision that returns 0. Later revisions should have it fixed.
This method gives you number of RGB LEDs that you can control. On AI Beacon you can control each individually so you will get 9. On LTE Beacon you can control them only on segment basis and you will get 3.


// Spinner
var i =0;
timers.repeat("300ms", () => {
  io.led(i, false);
  i = (i + 1) % io.getMaxLeds();
  io.led(i, true);

This will work well both on LTE and AI beacons.

That’s great! Thank you.
Am I right in thinking that the AI beacons will replace the LTE beacons?
Or is it that the LTE beacons will still remain available along with the AI beacons?

Hi there! Currently, LTE beacons are withdrawn, so yes, in some ways AI will replace them in the future.

Thanks again for that. The LTE beacons had a product life of around a year, then.