Update and battery

Hi, I have estimote location beacons since 1 week and I updated them. I think cause of it, if I read battery percentage I get the same (6244) from the three beacons (strange) and 0 for battery lifetime. Problem with the update?

Can you let us know how we can reproduce it? iOS/Android SDK, which version, a code snippet, what hardware and firmware version of your beacon … I think that should be enough. We’ll look into it!

I’m with your last iOS Sdk, firmware 4.11.0 and hardware F3.3.

- (void)estDeviceConnectionDidSucceed:(ESTDeviceConnectable *)device {
    _settings = self.device.settings;
    NSLog(@"%lu",(unsigned long)_settings.power.batteryPercentage.getValue);
    NSLog(@"%lu",(unsigned long)_settings.power.batteryLifetime.getValue);

The connection is okay, I get:
2017-02-23 12:26:48.607 EstimotetestB1H[24674:13682185] Connected
2017-02-23 12:26:48.608 EstimotetestB1H[24674:13682185] 6244
2017-02-23 12:26:48.608 EstimotetestB1H[24674:13682185] 0

Any news? I noticed that i get very randomly battery percentage value, sometimes higher sometimes lower (approximatively 5000 and i just buy that beacons) and battery lifetime always 0 (also from cloud!)

Hi Roberto, we found the core issue for this – the value you’re seeing for percentage is actually taken from voltage. We’ll be addressing this in the next SDK update.

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