Beacons inhand

1- What is the button on Estimote beacon? when I squeeze it feels like something clicks!

2- I got my beacons with battery level 41%, 71% and 74% is this the real battery level cause I noticed it goes up and down.

3- How to change battery?

Hi, please find the answers below:

1-It's just a part of the design and does not serve any functional purpose.

2-There's a bug in our method used to calculate a battery level - readings are around 50% even though the battery is practically full. We'll be releasing an update to address this issue in the beginning of January.

Please wait for the firmware update and get back to us if this doesn't help.

Updating the firmware will be possible two ways:
Using our SDK - see
Waiting for version 1.2 of the Estimote Demo app to appear on the App Store.

3-Normally the battery should last 2 years. You can replace the battery by opening gently the beacon but mind that this will slightly demage the enclosure. The bartery it’s CR2045.

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