Looking for Ibeacons Developer - Hospitality

Hey Guys name is Frederico , i work in the Marketing department of 2 Hotels in Laos, Luang Prabang.

I’m trying to find a Developer to set up and teach us how to implement the basic apps of Estimote like notification ,Proximity Content for a Single Beacon… etc.

We have 3 Beacons at this moment, and in the future we would love to have our own App.

Someone with experience in Hospitality would be a plus.
If you can help me, please kindly reply me back.

Kind regards,

Can you share you email on satayender@dexconsulting.com?

Hello Frederico,

My name is Katherine and I would like to introduce you to Ready4S as your potential developer.
We’d like to know more details about your project. Can I contact with you via Skype or email?

My contact details:
Skype ID: ready4s

I look forward to hearing from you!

Katherine Krasa | Ready4S
Client Relations Specialist

Dear Katarzyna

i have some estimote beacons and 1 chinese beacon that i would like to use.

i work in marketing dep, of 2 hotels in Laos, 15 and 25 rooms.

i would like to know the pricing to implement a small App to send
notifications and special promotions to the guests. We already have the
Accor app, i would like to avoid to the guests need to install a new app.
for that using the eddystone technology would be the idea for ios and
android platforms.

let me know if you can help

kind regards,

Hello Fred!

Can we meet on Skype and discuss about details? Or could you give me your email address? I want to ask you few questions.

Hi Frederico!

Nice to see your request. We adore working with Indoor Navigation and Positioning Systems and will be glad to discuss your request in more details. If you are still looking for a reliable development team, please contact me by:

Email: ekaterina.bulavina@itechcraft.com
Skype: kate.bulavina

We would love to meet you, learn your needs & share our ideas.

Please, email me if this sounds interesting to you.

Best regards,
IT Craft