Etimote Developers/Projects in Kenya

Hi Guys,

Wondering if there are any developers working on Estimote beacons/projects in Kenya.

I’d like to touch base.



Hey Jalsaw,

I’m not aware of any specific projects in Kenya, but you can also ping us on Twitter: we’ll be sure to retweet, maybe it will help find someone working with beacons in your geography :smile:

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Hey Jalsaw,
I am working on a projects that involve nearables/beacons and working on obtaining estimote beacons. Let me know what you have in mind at



Hello Jaslaw,

I hope you are doing great,

My current location is India. I can provide you my services remotely and can call you on your cell or on skype, whichever you prefer to discuss this opportunity further.

If you are concerned about the communication and status/progress update of the development, that would not be an issue with me as i provide a daily status report and we can schedule call thrice a week to discuss the progress and next release plans.

I love to develop using the agile methodology, so solid planning, issue forecasting and managing delivery becomes easy.

Could you kindly share us with some additional information regarding your project, in order for review? We’ll review it and get back to you with our estimation and suggestions asap.

I have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once the ibeacon is detected. I have worked with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal,, Chinese ibeacons. I have developed following categories of applications that involves ibeacon detection as the key functionality:

  • ibeacon detection for restaurant application to push the various offers.
  • ibeacon detection in offices to detect and calculate the waiting time of the visitors in the office.

Following is the link of the app that i developed recently that works with estimote beacons:


I have developed the application having following capabilities using ibeacons:

  1. Beacon monitoring and detection
  2. Beacon registration with user registration
  3. Location capturing
  4. Google or Apple Map integration to display location on map
  5. Ability to write generic beacon detection module that detects all types of beacons.
  6. Beacon detection in background mode
  7. Trigger notifications and actions as defined for the detection.

I can take care on all project scope like: Frontend, backend, Android & iOS.

I am ready to sign an NDA, as if required and I will available to work on your time zone with my full availability. I am ready to work with you 40-50 hrs/week. I look forward to hear back from you on this position and i am sure i can help you get developed a ground breaking app.

Thanks & Regards
Gaurav Goyal
Mobile Solution Architect

Hi Jaslaw,

If you are still looking for estimote developers, please connect with me.

You can catch me at


Bonjour monsieur serait ce possible de communiquer avec vous je recherche des spécialistes comme vous ?
mon adresse email: