Looking for estimote developers


I am looking to create a HR Time in time out system using estimote. Please email me portfolios to dexter@itws.com.sg anybody have any recommendations let me know. I have already built the web based HR system.


Hi @dexxter,

Thanks for posting that. I’ve moved this to our Looking for Devs category.

Hi Dexter,

Sent you an email regarding this, let me know more about your idea



Dear Dexxter,

We have done some projects based on iBeacons. We have also developed iBeacon based solution for retail industry. Time in and time out system is also one of the functions that we have already developed in the solution. We can provide a custom solution based on your needs.

Kindly Email your project details at naren@softwebsolutions.com


Hi Dexter,

I am Ilya, Business Development Manager from Space-O Technologies and will be happy to assist you with your project.

I reviewed your description, as far as I understand you are going Human Resources leave management system called Time-In/Out, which provides mounthly-paid faculty and staff an online system to request and report vacation, sick, paid military, consulting and court leaves, right? And I thought that we can easily help you with that.

Here you can find more about our previous experience:

Our team have great expertise levl with mobile development, because we develop apps since first SDK was presented by Jobs in 2008. Especially we targeted on development apps which are tied with any kind of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices such as Estimote Beacons or Custom Solutions.

Also, we developed an enterprise app for our local restaurants network. Mainly, it was developed by us to prevent stealing of iPads, which restaurants used as to display interactive menu app, which was also handled by our team.

One more thing that we are currently developing one successful startup project from KickStarter - http://www.shot-stats.com/ - we are handling both Hardware, Firmware and Mobile parts here. The developing device includes BLE connectivity between the smart device and mobile app. So we have a really big backpack of knowledges that will be enough to deal with projects of any complexity and scope.

Our team is closely familiar with the following:

  • Beacons (Especially powered by Estimote) BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) apps (we can handle both hardware, firmware and mobile parts)
  • Photo/Video apps (we know almost everything about editing, effects and filters)
  • Social (with chat, sharing and events for both web & mobile) Marketplace apps (especially if you sell real goods and ship them)
  • Map/Geolocation/Delivery apps (both for fun or for security cases)
  • Sport/Medical/HIPAA apps (sensors, smartwatches, smart devices - we know how do they work)

I already have some ideas about how to create such system for you.

Let’s schedule a Skype conversation to discuss your project in more details! My Skype ID: cblrok90

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Best regards,

Be free to Email me to: ilya@spaceotechnologies.com