Looking for a developer/partner to help with awesome app to track "hourly workers"

I am a designer and need help launching an app that can track workers coming in and out of a specific location using beacons.

This is for a company hackaton and I have all designs ready.

The idea is to track when people arrive (get print invitation) and when they leave (based on initial setup by admin).

The idea is to use this app instead of the conventional punch clocks.

On phase 2:
The app should also update timesheets and generate some basic analytics around tracking people and places and have a way to hook with HR systems.

Anyone up to join me on this challenge?

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Hello There, I’d be glad to assist you in this. We are already working on couple of projects (apps) where we’re using estimote beacons to track precise checkins/ checkouts.

You can visit our site App Development company or contact me directly.

Perfect. Can you provide me with a contact?

Hi there! Do you have any experience with apps that required precise check ins? Can you send me some samples?