Looking for a developer (easy job) in London or via skype

Hello, I urgently looking for someone who can help my college project, my background is design, so I am not familiar with this technology. I have ibeacon and I expect when I close to the beacon it shows basic information which is normal function.

But I have no idea how to figure out, even I have no time to learn.

Please let me know if anyone can help

email : london3dprint@gmail.com

or reply to me.


Hello Ryan,

Hope you are doing well. I dropped you with the message to the specified email.

In my turn, I already investigated your request: Looking for a developer (easy job) in London or via skype

We are extremely proficient with the development of such Beacon based solutions. For example, now we are working on a project which provides ability to the vendors at malls send targeted push notifications.

Based on our expertise the development of such small - Proof Of Concept (POC) application, for example for iPhone, require about 40-60 hours of our work and 2-3 weeks till completion.

I already accepted your invitation at the Skype, so in case if you are interested in our proposal - we will be happy to discuss your project in more details together. What is the best time to reach you?

Looking forward to your reply.