Looking for a developer/co-founder for a startup - ibeacons and physical web

Hi there!

I’m looking for a developer being keen on rising a startup together based on beacon technology applied in manufacturing industry.

I managed to get the interest in my solution of a few big manufacturing companies with an opportunity to conduct the prototyping phase hands on.

I already developed the idea and UX but seeking now for a commited developer to build, deploy and adjust the hardware and physical web. Some experience in front-end dev would be perfect and helpful.

Preferably I’m looking for people from Kraków and neighborhood areas.

I’d love to present the details in a meeting.


Hi Artur,
I am Ilya from Space-O.

Our company specializes in the professional development of BLE/Beacon based solutions. In general, we can cover both the custom Hardware & Firmware as well as Mobile/Web/Backend parts.

As for example currently, we are on the stage of final testing the solution for the paid parking lots of Kuwait: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8277212/Ezepark%20Presentation%20(English).pdf

Here you can check the video from our latest field testing and see how the system works:

The solution based on our custom hardware BLE device, which integrates to the gate barriers so users with a pre-installed app in their pocket or with iBeacon device (Estimote) placed in the car can enter the paid parking. A process of parking is fully automated.

You are right - we are not a co-founder which you are looking for, but we can care about the development part, plus we are highly experienced working with startups.

Ler me know your thoughts on above.
Please feel free to contact me by:

Email: ilya@spaceotechnologies.com
Skype: cblrok90
Mobile: +7 (952) 882-3762 (+ WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram)