Startup parking business

Project details: I have a concept for which I’d like to get estimate for work. The concept requires multiple beacons in an outdoor parking lot for which users “connect” to individual beacons in order to secure the parking spot associated with that beacon. The connection could be as simple as beacon providing time-based code that the user types into the app that validates them.
Scope: Frontend, backend, Android, iOS
Region: In Ohio, but remote work is acceptable.
Timeline: No immediate deadline for launch, although I’d like to understand cost/timing so that I can make some pre-sales with contacts
Budget: for profit, but no set budget…looking to start small and evolve as this is a startup.
Contact details:

Dear Joel,

I have just sent you an Email, please have a look and share more details about your project.

For your reference my Email is:


Hi Joel,

I read your idea and yes it seems interesting to me. We work on ibeacon apps & would like to work with you on this project.

I can share few of my ibeacon files and samples.
The required app 2 months timeline.
let talk in detail about feature list, cost or what I suggest is you can go for demo or prototype model before and can present it to investors to gain fund. Once ready you can make app functional.

Looking forewad for further discussion you can reach me at or direct buzz me over Skype - tanzanite05

Hello Joel,

I am Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development agency in India. We have fantastic work experience with estimote beacons. Here is the link of our recently developed product for the retail Industry.

Mobile apps are available on Android and iOS app stores respectively.

I would love to work with you and help you develop required concept. Please contact me via email



Hi there Joel,

I am Ilya, Business Development Executive from Space-O Technologies and would be happy to assist you with that.

I found that you require some help with development of mobile app:

Can you kindly clarify some questions below:

  • As far as I understand you want to develop an app for secure outdoor parking?
  • Do you want to track amount of free parking places of public parking area or create app for secure access to private parking? This is important question, because to enter the parking and take any parking place you should use the app.
  • What will we do in case if user forgot to enter verification code or ignored entering?
  • Do you have any other additional information upon your project like specificaion or wireframe? Wireframe allows the application to be planned carefully before starting the development. It guarantees that you will receive exactly what you need in the end. Just reply me back with some additional info regarding your project, so we can start business analysis stage, and prepare app wireframe for you, here is small example of wireframe: Dropbox - Example of wireframe.png - Simplify your life

Our team have great experience with mobile development, because we develop apps since first SDK was presented by Jobs in 2008. Especially we targeted on development apps which are tied with any kind of BLE (bluetooth low energy) devices such as Estimote Beacons etc.

Here are some additional information about our previous experience with Beacons:

We developed an enterprise app for our local restaurants network. Mainly, it was developed by us to prevent stealing of iPads, which restaurants use to display interactive menu app, which was also handled by our team.

We are currently developing one successful startup project from KickStarter - - we are handling both hardware, firmware and mobile parts here. The developing device includes BLE connectivity between the smart device and mobile app, so we have a big backpack of knowledges that will be anough to deal with projects of any complexity and scope.

We can take care on all project scope like: Frontend, backend, Android and iOS.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Let’s move ahead with our questions above, or just shoot me with your Skype ID through the message board to keep the ball rolling with live discussion.

Best regards,

Be free to contact me:
Skype ID: cblrok90

Let connect to discuss in details and to know more about us.

Skype: sigma.durgesh
Netforce Infotech Inc

Hi Joel!

My name is Kate and I am the Business Development Manager at IT Craft. We have extensive experience in working with ibeacon technology and you request is within our competence and skills we have. If you are still looking for a good development team feel free to check our website and leave us your request.

I will be glad to talk to you. Please, know I am waiting to get your response.

Best regards,
IT Craft