Look for dev so as to finnish a Project with Estimote beacons

I am working on a project with
beacons,my purpose is the BLE positioning, my project now is 80% ready,
so, I request if someone can finish it, I have some bugs which can be fixed
easily, second I want use the least Mean Square Estimation Method…
so if you are interested let me know Please…
thank you previousely

Would you like to elaborate what technology you are working on, and the skill sets needed? Is it an iOS app or android or both? Also, share your email ID for further communication. I’m a developer and might be able to assist you.

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I am working on Androidit should be appreciable the ability to work with matrices without problem, SDK : EJLM for examplecan you give me your ID on Skype?
[/quote]I am working on Android , with estimote beacons, I want this apps in order to evaluate accuracy can be acheaved using the RSSI
it should be appreciable the ability to work with matrices without problem, SDK : EJLM for example
can you give me your ID on Skype?

Got it, my skype is sudeepbhatnagar.


We are from Techware Solution. We are mobile app development company based in India with specialization in iBeacon technology.

We have expertise in leveraging beacon technology and we can surely help you achieve your goal.

Recently we launched QUICKFOOD , The beacon based food ordering app for hospitality industry.

Please contact me with more requirements about your project and we can take forward our discussion.

Mail us at : sales@techware.in

web: https://www.techware.co.in/beacon.php

Look forward to hear from you.

Team Techware


I am working on BLE from past 4 years and i believe i can help you with this. Can you contact me at mayur@tasolglobal.com or skype me at roger.tasol ?

Awaiting your response.