Long Distance Connection Broadcast Packet

We are trying to connect to the beacons at a relatively long distance. Through our testing it seems that if we connect to the beacons from a close distance, then attempt the connection from a long distance, we can easily do so. We believe this is due to a temporary signal boost in the “Connection” broadcast packet. However, if we cold start the process after a sufficient down time (roughly 10 mins) the “connection” broadcast packet is not found at long distance.

Is it possible to permanently boost the connection broadcast packet signal strength and reduce broadcast interval? On the cloud portal this seems to be a locked setting set to very low power and interval.

Our use case requires activating the on-board LED (triggered during connection) and GPIO at long distance.

I think I answered my own question: We can still update/change the connection broadcast packet strength using the cloud api https://cloud.estimote.com/docs/#api-Devices-updateDevice

and updating:

        "advertisers": {
      "connectivity": [{
        "index": 1,
        "name": "connectivity",
        "power": -12,
        "interval": 500,
        "shake_to_connect_enabled": false,
        "near_to_connect_enabled": true