Optimal beacon proximity settings

I am trying to develop a system that uses the Estimote beacons to unlock a turnstile as you walk close enough to it, by transmitting the turnstile ID and having the app pass that to an API endpoint.

I do have an issue with trying to “shield” the signal so that we don’t accidentally send turnstile 1 to someone who is walking towards turnstile 2 (a separate problem I’d love to hear any ideas on) - however what I’m also struggling with right now is the ‘speed’.

I’m aware that Android and iOS control the frequency of how often they scan for packets and the delay especially at such short range (around 1.5m) will largely be from the OS, but I had noticed there is a variety of broadcasting settings available on the beacons in the Estimote Cloud page - and wondered if I should be tweaking these to potentially make the beacons “trigger” in my app faster.

Battery life is not really a concern for me (unless of course we are talking it’s only going to last a few days), but there is just sometimes a 5-10 second delay when walking into a 1m distance from the beacon and I’m hoping I can perhaps reduce this.

Thanks all!