Location Tracking for Playground Research Project


I am the director of a non-profit with a focus in research and design for playgrounds. We are currently developing a national study on play, tracking kids movement patterns on playgrounds.

We want to use stickers attached to children volunteers and have data collected via Raspberry Pi sensors in waterproof containers installed outdoors. We need to detect movement, location and duration.

We need help configuring this system for a variety of playground sizes and locations. Excited to find partners to work on this project! Thanks!

Hi Meghan,

I’m Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development company from India. We specialize in iBeacon app development.

This page of our website will showcase our work in the field of beacons.


Would be great if you could contact me via email: kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com so that we can discuss your concept in more detail.

I am available on skype as well. Please add me to: whitelotuscorp



Hi Meghan,

I am Ilya with Space-O Technologies, LLC.

We specialize in professional outsource development of native mobile apps for iOS and Android since 2008. We can handle development for ALL Apple products: iOS/MacOS/watchOS/tvOS/ - Therefore we can develop any kind of Native and Universal app strictly according to Apple Guidelines. We also have unique and extensive expertise in Hardware development of custom BLE4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) powered smart devices, Beacons and related solutions, from PCB design to small-scale manufacturing.

In regards to your project, we are fine with your decision to use raspberry Pi as the receiver point to gathering signals from Estimote Beacons/Stickers which both transmitting/spreading signal to the playground area:

To be frank we already investigated this case and review the prices to build such solution. You can find out more information below:

  1. The prices for the Rasberry Pi starts from $35 per device to $55. In addition, you should buy the Bluetooth dongle which costs from $3 to $5. Also, you should care about the housing for the Rasberry Pi. Common housings cost from $5 to $30 but they will not protect it from dust/water/temperature.

In case if you want to protect it from high/low temperatures or be water resisted such cases cost from about $30 to $55.

  1. Another solution which we can be used to build such system is being the cheapest Android phone, for example from Alixpress - will cost about $35. It’s already have embedded WiFi as well as Bluetooth, so additional costs can be added only for IP protected case.

In both cases on above you should also keep in mind the power supply spot to keep devices on charge.

  1. We also can offer you to develop any custom hardware solution from the scratch, which might be more suitable for your needs or in case if both points on above missed any specific module etc. The costs for such development is usually high and can be discussed further.

Note: the points on above just for comparison. We are always trying to find the solution which will perfectly fit our client’s needs. So it will be great to receive the feedback from you and we can discuss all concerns together.

You are always welcome for discussion. Be free to contact me by:

Email: ilya@spaceotechnologies.com
Skype: cblrok90

Let us know your thoughts.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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Kind regards,

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Yes you can I have done it. I have set up Raspberry Pi’s and was able to trilateral the Beacons but due to the inconsistency in the RSSI and the upward curve at < 10 meters I ended up scrapping the project. But I can help you if you would like, my code is in node.js and .net I have made a website that tracks movement of beacons and displays them on a map on the website. If you don’t mind Raspberry Pi’s every 10 meters it works great. I am a Former Bell Lab Engineer that worked on VOIP.

Contact me at morfordtim@gmail.com