Indoor mobile beacon tracking / trilateration without smart phones

Project details: I am the owner of a Brand marketing firm in Portland, Oregon / Sun Valley, Idaho. We have been hired by a startup client to create a business for them. At the core is Estimote’s products and technology.

A brief out line of the project:

  • Set up a location system in a small office (less than 10 rooms) using
  • Track the locations of mobile beacons (sticker beacons) and dump the data into a log.
  • Parse the log to show when, where and how long two specific beacons are in the same
  • Provide the results through a dynamic online reporting tool.
  • Do all of this without using smart phones.

Scope: We will build the front end interface. We are looking for a small company or individual who can develop out the rest of the technology.

Timeline: We would like to get started on this in August?

Budget: From reviewing the projects that are listed on Estimote and other websites, this does not look like a difficult task for a talented developer. We are looking for budget guidance.

Contact details: Please make first contact through email at:

Additional info: In your email, please include:

  • Why I should work
    with your company; speed, price, knowledge, ability, etc
  • What milestones you see in this project.
  • What ballpark costs you see for this project as well as what your service fees are.
  • Projected time frame from when I give you a more detailed formal request to completion.

As a note, I am looking to move Sticky Wrapper into the internet of things space and will need to build a
close relationship with a small development company I can rely on.

Thank You,

Joey Petelle

Hello Joey,

Thank you for sharing the details about your project. Can you please let me know that when you say without mobile phones, do you mean apps?.

We are a mobile app development company based in India. We have very good experience with Estimote beacons and its related technologies. I am surely writing you an email, however this is just to get clarified.


Kirtan Thaker , Co-founder Whitelotus Corporation.