Live tracking in a building (Post Occupancy)

Hi guys

I am relatively new to this but found the Beacons extremely interesting with what they can achieve. I am in my final year in college and I heard about these beacons on a local social network and thought these would be a brilliant asset to what I am looking to achieve. My goal is to use these Beacons to track peoples movement around a building for a set period of time. this information would be used as a post occupancy survey of the building. Currently im in the early stages of research and was wondering if you guys could help me with a few things.

Is there an app already out there that can track peoples whereabouts and report back to me there daily route in a graph form. I do understand there would be privacy issues but i will solve that problem at a later stage.

Also is it possible to achieve what I am aiming for? if so would you recommend both the beacons and the stickers? I am not sure on what I would need to achieve my goal.

Thank you for your time everyone and also thanks for all your information you can share with me.

Hi there,

If you’re looking for tracking occupancy and presence, then I think Robin will do just fine. They build smart office software with beacons:

If you need detailed route-tracking, then I guess you’ll need to create your own app with our Indoor Location SDK, which was built for mapping indoor spaces and building location-based services on top of these maps. You can read more on Estimote Developer Portal:


Thank you for the reply.

Detailed route tracking would be ideal for me because im conducting a third level building post occupancy report to to see what rooms and routes are being used and what are not to allow the building management system preform more efficiently. Beacons seem to be a great option because of their diversity. I have been researching online and came that a company called CASE used them and in an article i read it said that “After Case moved into their new space, its research team, in conjunction with RMIT University doctoral candidate Mani Williams, stuck Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled iBeacons on office walls to track each employee’s movements throughout the workday using trilateration and a cellphone app to which they would voluntarily log on.”. Here is the link to this article .I would love to know what app they were able to use that could generate this data for them.

How long would it take to program a new app? sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject I am quite new to this technology.

CASE developed their own proprietary software to track movements in their space. I’m quite certain that they wont be releasing it to the public any time soon. Sorry for the letdown, but know that with a bit of effort you should be able to employ the Estimote Indoor SDK to develop your own analytics solution.