Questions, can someone answer these please

1- How we can record live data from the students/ users in live time for data collection from a smartphone or iPhone device?

2- Do the users need individual smartphones/ handsets to record this data or is there a solution for the data movement of the students/users to be collected and collated visually as a whole?

3- We also need to track movement of the equipment i.e. tables and chairs in the same space – so does each piece of equipment require an individual beacon to be attached to be logged and record data? Or can the data for all individual pieces of equipment be recorded and collected as a whole from a data collection Bluetooth device of some sort to feedback into the visual representation?

4- Can all this potential data for students/ users and equipment be collected into one solution which can give back real time visuals and live information?

5- I planning to deploy 36 to 40 beacons in only one room which has the capacity of 36 chairs with one beacons for each chair to track student location movements and analyse data etc.

My question and concern would be, if I deploy that number of beacons with the rooms in same hall and to closed to each other, would it be problem with signal interference (wifi and also within beacons themselves) for example how many beacons can I deploy in one room?

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I can help with this, I’ve done a few iBeacon projects. See my portfolio,

Hello Hamasalh,

I’m Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app
development agency specializing in iBeacon app development.

Have been working on many beacon based concepts. I am sure we can
work together as we have in house team of backend and mobile app
developers to develop a promising app for the class room as mentioned.

Please go through the link above.

Here are my contact details. Please get back to me with your thoughts.

My skype id: whitelotuscorp

I look forward to work with you.


Kirtan Thaker


Kynance is a UK based company. We have developed an ibeacon platform for mass shopper tracking and personalisation of digital marketing. At the core of the platform is an ibeacon notification engine which permits notifications between people when one of the friends passes an ibeacon. Also within the core platform is content management system for creating notification message content associated with individual beacons. Finally there is a data analytics tool and reports for analysis of footfall and tracking people flow across deployed beacon networks. We have the underlying core infrastructure to adapt to your requirements. Integration with internal timetables can be easily delivered. See This is an example of our nightlife application based upon the core beacon and CMS engines.

Very keen to help promote the educational benefits in including students developing parts of the solution and learning about the technologies deployed.

Please contact me if you wish further details.

Hello Hamasalh,

Have any update?

Are you still looking for developer?