Human tracking using beacon

Can I use beacon to track humans in a crowded room ? A beacon receiver will be set up inside the room. Each human in the room will have a beacon with him/her. I need to track individual human using beacon communication.

Hey @subhadiphere, welcome!

I think Indoor Location might be a better way to approach it. Instead of tracking beacons on people, you can track the position of their phones, and use the beacons as reference points. Check out the article, and see if it would fit the bill.

Hi Raphael,
Thanks for your answer. Yeah, I have gone through the article. The problem in my usecase is people I want to track, are minors/children. So they can’t have a smartphone with them. But they can carry beacon stickers with them. Can you enlighten me in this aspect ? I have read water in human body can block Bluetooth signal. Can this point be a factor in implementing my usecase ?

You’re right, crowd and human-water-bags will absorb the signal to some extent, so it’d be best to do some testing and experimenting with beacon transmit power. If you set it to something high, then it’ll be more resilient against crowds, but might also mean that the receiver will pick up people/beacons from far away. How big rooms are we talking about? You could also just put more receivers up.

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Hi, rooms are of area around 100 sq. metre. Can you please tell me whether this is the right approach (1/2 beacon receiver per room and 1 beacon sticker per person) for tracking indoor location where the person to be located does not have any smartphone ? If not, please suggest an appropriate approach. One more thing, what are the low-cost alternatives of beacon stickers in this scenario ?