App idea - Is it possible?

So, I have an idea for an internal application to be used by our department which is a fairly large office with a maze of cubes and a front desk not attached to the office. The space is good to use beacons on all 4 walls and cover the entire area. My question is, can we have an application where we store a persons device (in this case, an iPhone so we know who is who) and be able to determine their location in the office and notify them that someone is at the front desk for them if they are within the 4 walls? I’m envisioning an app that shows the dots on the map, but also has a list of users and a green or red dot for in range or out of range. Is this possible at all or am I completely off track before purchasing?

Hi there,

It is definitely feasible. You could do that by simply listing location when people are: and then it could use our original SDK. Or if you want to have a map with locations of people represented in real time, then I’d suggest playing with the Indoor Location SDK: It will probably be more complex though.

Additionally, please check out Robin: it’s a smart office platform based on our beacons. Maybe your problem is already solved :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look at the SDK and get my order going then. Robin looks pretty cool, but we have touchscreens already that tie in with outlook on our conference rooms, so maybe we jumped the gun with those. I see they’ll have integration soon, so maybe that could replace it. Only thing I didn’t notice would be a notification feature to ping someone if in the area.

Hi Josh,

Just found your request on the forum.

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