Is this how I should do it?

Hi. I think I get it now how to setup my beacons and app but I just want to make sure I'm correct.

I want to put beacons in stores that sell the same products. So I'm going to say that all the beacons that are in stores of type "a" will be one region (right?) and they will all have the same unique UUID.

Then I will monitor that region for a user with the app to enter one of the stores in the region. In order to identify each individual store I will set each stores beacon to have its own individually unique major or minor ID to identify which store that beacon belongs to (right?).

Then based on the major or minor ID I can determine which store the user is in and send the appropriate message for that location (right?)

Hey John,

Let me see if I got that right:

  • UUID "X": all stores with products of type "a"
    • major "1001": some specific store
      • minor "1": beacon no. 1 in that store
      • minor "2": beacon no. 2 in that store
    • major "1002": another specific store
  • UUID "Y": all stores with products of type "b"
    • etc. ...

Looks good, and should give you exactly what you're looking for: ability to detect enters into all stores with a specific product type, and then read the major value and determine with specific store the user is in.

One minor remark: iOS has a limit of 20 beacon regions per app that can be monitored in the background, so with each product type taking it's own UUID, this limits you to 20 product types.

I don't think the iOS limit will be a problem. I'm only planning on having one beacon per store (for now at least).