Confused by monitoring for regions, uuid, major and minor

Hi. I think im confused about how monitoring and regions work and what to do when Ive detected a beacons and its region.

When my app detects a beacon, its going to get the region, uuid, major and minor from that beacon. Which one of these do I use to determine what content to send to that beacon?

Lets say I have 50 beacons in 50 stores, are all those stores one "region?"

I dont get it.

Hi Jon,

First of all, I recommend you to get familiar with this article to better understand how to define regions

If you have 50 beacons in 50 stores and you want all of them to wake up your customers' smartphones you define 1 region characterised by the same UUID. By adding a specific Major value depending on the country or county where your stores are located you can divide those into 20 groups resulting in more specific notifications sent yo your clients.

Hope this makes it clear:)

Hi Jon,

To add to what Jacek said, I'd also suggest taking a look at this article: It explains monitoring and ranging: two ways apps can interact with beacons.


Thanks everybody. I'll check out those articles and see if I can make more sense of things.

Simply put, region is the combination of a certain UUID and either specific or wildcard settings for major ID and minor ID, right?

Hi Anders,

You can put it that way. We explain it elsewhere on the Community Portal ( in the following manner:

'The physical representation of a region is the range of all beacons in this region.

Beacon region can be defined in three ways:
- With only UUID: it consists of all beacons with a given UUID. For example: a region defined with default Estimote UUID would consist of all Estimote Beacons with unchanged UUID.
- With UUID and Major: it consists of all beacons using a specific combination of UUID and Major. For example: all Estimote Beacons with default UUID and Major set to 1.
- With UUID, Major and Minor: it consists of only a single beacon (keep in mind that Estimote Cloud prevents having two beacons with the same ID’s). For example, one with default Estimote UUID, Major set to 1 and Minor set to 1.'