Retail beacon usage scenario

Assume that there are 1000 retail stores available and we’ll use estimote beacons in those stores. If our mobile app uses BeaconManager.startMonitoring with 1000 beacon id defined it will not be resource effective in terms of memory and battery usage.
Do you have any best practices for this kind of large installments? If so can you give advice?

Hi @mavisakal,

it seems that monitoring 1000 regions will be battery draining (and there is maybe a limit to the number of monitored regions).

Can you try giving the same UUID to all your beacons, and customizing the major for each store?
Doing that, you only need to monitor for one region, and when the the event is detected, match the major to choose the correct store.

Hi @Ximun,
Seems logical. I’ll try and inform you about the results. Thanks.