Is this forum dead?

i don’t see any replies from anyone over here and it takes weeks to reply on emails!
is this forum dead?

Hey Mahmoud,

Definitely not :slight_smile:
Sorry if we’re not always here — we try our best though.

We also answer all the emails we get within a day, or two at most. You definitely should have received an answer. Can you post your questions subject line here, or send me some more details, so we can make sure it didn’t fall through the cracks?

i have around 80 beacons in estimote cloud with analytics activated, the thing is:
i want to push dummy data to estimote cloud without interaction with the beacons, so the 80 beacons will have lots of analytics data to showcase it on the heat map we’ve built.
for example:
beacon A has 3 visits, how to make it reach 50 visits without interactive with the beacon itself, Beacon B has 2 visits, i want it to be 70, by pushing dummy data to them without having the beacons around.
Any ideas?

Here is my question: Pushing dummy data to estimote analytics

My email was sent in sep 19th.

The thing is we are using your beacons for our costumers, so when they have queries we can’t let them hang without answers for weeks.

I’m afraid that email hasn’t reached us at any of the address we monitor — it may have gotten blocked along the way. What address did you use to send it?