Is Short Identifier in Estimote Telemetry Packet Unique?


Quick question, is the short ID in Estimote Telemetry packet unique for each beacon, and not changing during beacons lifetime?

Specifically bytes 1-9

Would very much appreciate response (we also sent a support mail a few weeks ago, but did not receive response)

Thank you,

Short identifier does not change during lifetime of device. It is not guaranteed to be unique globally, but chance of two devices in the same area having same short ID is very low.
Short ID is a prefix of device public identifier, which is globally unique.

Thank you very much for fast response. Low chance of short id collision is good enough for our usecase.

To be clear, you mention that short id is a prefix of the whole public identifier. How could I get the public identifier (not the MAC address though - as iOS doesn’t allow asking for the MAC address of BLE devices)?

  1. Listen for connectivity packets to get full public identifier and then prefix match them with short ID from telemetry.
  2. Request a list of all your beacons from Estimote Cloud to get public identifiers and then prefix match them with received telemetry packets.
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