Uuid changed in one night

I am working on some signal processing problem based on estimote beacons (around 25 beacons). So I used iOS standard SDK rather than estimote SDK.

I am not sure if the proximity UUID is same with iOS's standard UUID. From the estimote iOS app, all the proximity UUIDs are same. But if I access the UUID through iOS api (BLEPeripheralRecord.peripheral.identifier), I get all unique UUIDs.

So I use all these UUIDs as device identifiers. These identifiers are consistent in past week until this afternoon. When I finished my data collection, I wanted to adjust the beacon parameter back. I adjusted the beacons in the web interface and synced the setting though my iPhone. I only changed the power setting & interval setting.

Then all the uuids of these beacons changed to some random sequences.

Could you tell me what's going on for this? Is there any way to reverse them back? All these beacon are still in A2.1, so I guess it's not because of the "secured uuid" update.

Hi there,

BLEPeripheralRecord.peripheral.identifier is a UUID of a Bluetooth peripheral. This is different from the iBeacon UUID in many, many ways, but one notable difference here is that the "peripheral UUID" is not guaranteed to be constant or even the same between multiple receiving devices, like different iPhones.

If you need an identifier you can rely on, it's better to go with the Beacon's MAC address or "iBeacon UUID + iBeacon Major value + iBeacon Minor value" combo.