UWB Beacon Identification

While working with the UWB SDK, I noticed that UWBDevice has a “name” value. Is there a way to name UWB Beacons? From everything I’ve found, these beacons aren’t compatible with Estimote Cloud, and I also haven’t had any luck with using the API. I really would just like to have some means of identification that is more user-readable than the identification string associated with the beacon, so any advice on how I could manage something like that within my app would be great. I am developing iOS if that is of any significance.

no, the devices don’t support any (external to Estimote) configuration of any kind…
I thought I wanted to name them too, but it doesn’t matter. they only do UWB communications, which is handled by their binary sdk.

we ended up adding another device to the mix which has our configuration data and identification info…
as well as the co-located UWB device.

I am also doing IOS only currently, Android support is on the list of future work.

I figured there wasn’t any support for configuration after quite a bit of digging in these forums and looking through documentation. I think we’ve decided to create our own means of identification by just storing the publicId in a local db and associating whatever name or id we want with it that way, because we still want to name each of our beacons for our implementation.

Yeh, like you we’re counting on the publicID being persistent… tho there is no doc to confirm that, it appears to behave this way currently.

That’s a good point, I didn’t consider the fact that publicID may not be persistent, but I would assume that after 2 weeks of using the same 3 beacons, I’d have seen a change if one was going to happen so it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.


just to clarify: our UWB Beacons do have public ID that is persistent.

If you navigate to your Cloud account using the same email you used to purchase Dev Kits you should see your beacons under “Beacons” tab.

The “Identifier” will be a 32-characters long unique ID. You will see the same ID reported by our SDK when you do UWB ranging to beacons.

thanks, I have to test this… later today

i tested and sure enough the ID is the same iPhone 14 and below…

I was about to report that I had spurious values, 3 new ones… but… I received NEW beacons on wednesday, still in the box… doah