REST API Unique Beacon Identifier

My company is building a web-based beacon management back-end for estimote beacons. We are caching the beacons from the REST API on a schedule. I’ve been playing with changing settings (primarily Major and Minor values) in order to group beacons as I’d like.

We need to have a way to keep track of a specific beacon when it updates so that the user can keep using that beacon as expected (without losing any associated data in our system).

The “id” field in the REST API for a beacon changes each time a Major or Minor or UUId changes. So we can’t rely on that value.

Is the MAC address something that will reliably stay the same? Should we count on that as our unique identifier for the beacon?

I communicated with the estimote team directly, and this is how they responded:

Yes, I would suggest going with the MAC address. In the current-generation of our beacons, the MAC address can’t change under any circumstances.

MAC address it is!

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