Beacons for Physical web

Hi ,

I am working on a prototype where in, i have a load sensor and i want to use a Beacon to transmit the value from the load sensor to my website. Is it possible to implement it with the estimote beacons? Also is there a way to restrict the number of broadcast messages a user receives at a given time ?

Web browsers don’t yet support scanning for Bluetooth devices. There is some progress on the Web Bluetooth standard, and you can even enable the experimental version of it in the latest version of Google Chrome, but the implementation is not yet considered stable, so there might be bugs, it might not work on all the Android phones, etc.

Another option would be to build an iOS/Android app that scans for beacons and sends that information to your server, and it can then be presented on the website. Or, you can use a Raspberry Pi as the “detector” and make it do the “detect beacon and send data to the server” part.

Finally, our Location Beacons have two GPIO ports that you can use to connect the beacon to your sensor. The sensor can then be sending data to the beacon via these ports, and the beacon can advertise it. (Note: the appropriate Estimote SDK support to do that is still in the works though, so it’s not yet immediately available.)

Yes this is possible via Raspberry Pi’s, have the Pi;s monitor the beacons and send the data to the Website,

Thanks guys for your valuable inputs , much appreciated. But i really liked the idea of using Raspberry PI as a detector.
Can progressive web apps interact with estimote proximity beacons ? Does proximity beacons have GPIO ports?

No sadly Beacons do not have a GPIO port, they only transmit standard packets.