Is it possible to access Accelerometer service for particular user ONLY?

I would want to know if it is possible for an application to receive the data from beacon when it is moved.
This can be achieved by enabling accelerometer. True !! but can this be achieved for only particular user !!
for instance if i am attaching my beacon/sticker to my laptop and leaving the room, and i do not want anybody to even touch/ move my laptop from its place !!
hence it would notify me whenever somebody moves my laptop. But i don’t want the beacon to broadcast its UID but i want it to send it only to me.
Is this particular scenario possible ???

One option would be to connect to the beacon—only one device can be connected at a time, and there’s an authentication procedure in place to ensure no unauthorized app can connect to the beacon. Once connected, you can read the motion status. Note that in Proximity Beacons, the beacon stops broadcasting its normal packet when in connected state—which can be a problem or not depending on what your app is doing. One sure drawback is, you need to be relatively close to the beacon (up to a few meters) in order to connect and keep the connection stable.

Another would be to use Eddystone’s EID & Encrypted Telemetry packet, to make sure only authorized devices can read the telemetry data. This is more difficult to setup, but works at range & is generally more secure than the first option, because it also encrypts the identifier of your beacon, not just the accelerometer status—so nobody will ever know the ID of your laptop beacon. More about EID here:

The downside here is, EID is more difficult to setup, and the Encrypted Telemetry is not yet supported by Estimote SDK (and I don’t think it’s supported by Google’s Nearby API as well), so you would need to write all the decryption code for it yourself.