Get notification on accelerometer activity

I am looking into a way to trigger a notification only if the beacon moves (= accelerometer data has changed) - Ideally this would happen by the Estimote changing its UUID or Major Minor iD when the movement happens – something iOS recognises as region change. Is this possible?

I understand that I can access accelerometer data using the SDK when my app did connect to the beacon via Bluetooth. However having an ongoing connection is not energy efficient (and limiting regarding clients connected).

What would you recommend to tackle such a movement based notification?
Is this currently possible?

Hi there,

Great question and an interesting use case! I'm afraid it's impossible at the moment to get a purely movement-based notification - the workaround would be to do what you described, i.e. access the accelerometer data directly.

However, we're hard at work with improving our SDK and expanding its feature set - and movement-based notifications is something that's been on our minds for a while. I can't promise anything, but make sure to follow the development of Estimote SDK (you can star the project on GitHub) not to miss any exciting things we'll be adding in the future!

Thanks Piotr. That's helpful.

I just noticed that (regarding to the release notes) Firmware 2.1 includes the UUID change by motion. Yay :)
Where can these dedicated UUIDs be set up?

Yay indeed! (:

Take a look at the writeMotionProximityUUID method:

Very nice. Thanks a lot. Any plans to bring this to the Estimote App as well?

Yup. No ETA at this time though, I'm afraid. Stay tuned!

Hi !
Any news about including the possibility to update motion UUID directly from Estimote app ?

Hey Gregory—thanks for asking! I'm afraid we still don't have any ETA for that. I'll let you guys know as soon as this feature hits our roadmap.

Just so I understand... When this feature is implemented (as of now, when connected, these two guids are the same), we will be able to set the motion guid from the api, right?