iOS SDK Monitoring and Ranging

Hi, I have a case where I want to monitor for a single beacon when the app is backgrounded or killed and range a set of beacons when the app is open. So in my AppDelegate, I have set up the code to monitor and in my view controller I have set up the code to range. I have set up separate instances of ESTBeaconManager, one in the AppDelegate and one in one of my View Controllers.

The problem is, when the view controller sets up its ESTBeaconManager and starts ‘ranging’, the monitoring that was started in the AppDelegate no longer works at all. I have even tried to stop ranging from the view controller when the app is backgrounded, and then even stop ranging from the view controller and re-start monitoring from the AppDelegate when the app gets backgrounded and none of that works.

Any ideas?

Interesting, there’s no reason why monitoring and ranging shouldn’t work at the same time.

So, if you comment out the startRanging in your View Controller, monitoring works, but otherwise it doesn’t?