IOS can only moniter upto 20 regions in a single app?


As I read that ios app can only monitor upto 20 regions max in a single app. What if I have 50 stores in different locations and have 100’s of beacons?

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To be precise, the app can only monitor for 20 regions at a time. With that in mind, a common solution is to use a regular, GPS geofence to only monitor for the beacons in the store the user is in.

For example, set up a GPS geofence around the store in Manhattan, and another one in Brooklyn. If the Manhattan geofence gets triggered by iOS, the app starts monitoring for the beacons in the Manhattan store. Once the user exits the geofence, the app stops monitoring for these beacons. Then if they go to the Brooklyn store, you do the same but for the beacons in there, etc.

Note however, that the 20-region limit applies to both the beacon regions and the GPS regions combined, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

We solved this by adding a GPS location parameter to beacon regions and sorted them by proximity to the user and monitored only the 20 closest ones. Of course this is a pain to achieve in the background so the user will have to activate the app in order to monitor the closest 20. But as long as you don’t have over 20 stores in one city for example, this should do the trick.
Another good option would be to have all the stores monitored as one region defined by the same major identifier and then differentiate by minor id on region enter event. As long as the stores are not really close together this should work fine. Just takes a bit of work to set the beacons major numbers so they’re the same.

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