IOS 20 region monitoring limit

Hi there im building an app that need alot of regions and i saw that iOS limits to 20 regions…how can i bypass this?

You won’t be able to bypass the limit. It’s an OS limit.

What you might be able to do, is re-think your app in a way that the limit is not affecting what you want to do.

For example, you might group several beacons in one region, and differentiate them by mayor and minor. To do this, you’ll need to range for beacons instead of monitoring them. What you can do is every time you go in a region (monitor), start ranging for the beacons around you, get the closest one or whatever helps you and do the action you need.

Take into account that when you monitor a region for beacons in iOS, you only get around 10 seconds to do the ranging and actions in the background.

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