How many region will cover by nearbales

Hello everyone,

I am developing an iOS app and having all kind of beacons like big, medium and nearables. So from iOS we can only monitor 20 regions per app.

Question is if i have 10 nearables so i have this below line for 10 times i guess

[self.nearableManager startMonitoringForIdentifier: nearable.identifie];

with obviously different identifiers. So these 10 nearable will be considered as a single region or 10 regions?

Hope i have cleared what i need to ask.


hello…any one ? :frowning:

Hi @Saad,

I’m not sure I understand well what you want, but maybe the end of this can help you.
I don’t really understand the iOS code but what I know is that various beacons set with the same UUID can create a larger region.

Nearable monitoring primarily uses the Nearable packet, with iBeacon packet only used as support. So even though technically each call to startMonitoringForIdentifier will take up one region, enter events should still trigger even if you exceed the 20-region limit.