Max limit of beacons

I want to make an app which will continuously monitor 50-200 beacons. Can we map multiple beacons to single device to get the desired result. If my question is wrong kindly correct me. TIA

I saw this video .
In this he's trying to find out the position of the mobile phone in closed room with 3 beacons. And it doesn't work .

Hey Yash,

There's no limit to the number of beacons an app can monitor at a time. An iOS app can only monitor up to 20 beacon regions at once, but 1 region can consist of almost an unlimited number of beacons, so no worries here.

Take a look at the ESTBeaconRegion documentation for more details on how to define a beacon region. Our What is a beacon region? article might also come in handy.

Thanks for your Response . Actually our situation is a bit tricky.

We're trying to monitor the beacons not just with their proximity values but also distance is involved that amounts within 3- 4 meters . We are a bit skeptical after watching that video mentioned in the previous comment. In that no doubt the beacons are getting detected but the distance values are getting , messed up. So will those many beacons give proper distance values .
To make myself clear we are trying to range those many no of beacons with the ranging feature not the monitoring feature .

Hi Yash,

Understood. Yup, distance detection with beacons is always a little tricky due to the nature of Bluetooth radio waves. We've described this in a great detail in our recent blog post, How do beacons work? The physics of beacon tech, hope you'll find it insightful.

If you require a high-accuracy distance estimation, you can try lowering the beacons' advertising interval, i.e. make them advertise more frequently—this means more data points for the algorithm that calculates and averages the distance. Note that this also means shorter battery life though.