[iOS app] Need art exhibit/installation iBeacon app developed

Hello, I am Lion from New Mexico, United States. I need an app developed for art exhibits/installations. The UI is very simple (on purpose). The app does require CMS such that the app can be flexible, scalable and applied to many different exhibits/installations. I do have a mock-up document with specs/requirements. Please email me for this document. Once you have reviewed this document, please provide cost and ETA for completion. In addition, please provide work samples.

My email address is lionsroarmusic@gmail.com

Scope: iOS, CMS

Region: Open. Remote is ok. Must have excellent English communication skills.

Timeline: Deadline - April 1, 2016. Sooner completion if possible.

Budget: For profit

Contact: Please email me at lionsroarmusic@gmail.com.

Hi Lion,

I am Ilya, the Business Development Manager from Space-O Technologies.

I found your project very interesting for us because we are targeted to work only with serious clients and have a long-term relationship with them.

Kindly check our most major differences from other companies:

  • We have great expertise level in interaction with Estimote Beacons or any other BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) device.

  • We developed Custom BLE device: https://www.shot-stats.com - we just handled here both Hardware/Firmware and Mobile parts at once!

  • One more interesting example: http://mytempi.com/ - here we handle firmware and mobile app development for the Tempi device. Tempi device communicates with mobile apps via Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol. Also preparing for the start of WiFi transmitter device development (including PCB design from scratch).

  • We covering development for ALL Apple devices: iOS/MacOS/watchOS/tvOS - So we can develop any kind of Native and Universal app which will strongly comply with Apple Guidelines.

If you are interested, let’s schedule Skype conversation and discuss your project together.

Which time is preferable to you?

Be free to add me in Skype, my ID is: cblrok90
Or send Email to: ilya@spaceotechnologies.com

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



I sent you an email with a few links to my iBeacon apps. Please check your email (lionsroarmusic@gmail.com) and let me know if I can help.

Thank You,

Hi Lion,

Hope you are doing good. I sent you an email on lionsroarmusic@gmail.com with Sample Work that I have developed in past and along with my availability.

Please let me know if we can schedule a quick meeting for further discussion on the project.


Hi Lion,

I saw your post on the Estimote forums.

We have built an iBeacon platform called Situate (https://situate.io) that you may be interested in. It is targeted at art galleries, exhibitions and museums so it could be a really good fit for you.

Situate allows venues to create their own app to help visitors to make their own self-guided tours. Apps created using Situate use the visitor’s location to automatically provide relevant information as they move around a venue.

The features of Situate can be summarised as:

  • Venues can create their own hierarchy of content which can include video, audio, formatted text, PDFs, floorplans, maps.
  • Content can be associated with a location trigger point (typically GPS coordinates for outside or iBeacons inside) so that it automatically displays when the user is at a certain location
  • Venues manage the content themselves and any changes are instantly available - so you can easily keep content up to date, or set up content for specific events
  • Once the user has downloaded the content to their phone it works offline - no internet required.
  • Create interactive maps and floor plans that show the user’s location
  • Audio continues playing whilst the user browses the app, making it ideal for audio tours
  • Different versions of apps can be created by the organisation: e.g. for different languages, age ranges or themes.
  • Apps can easily be branded
  • Organisations can get valuable insight into how their visitors are moving around their venue

With Situate you would avoid large up-front costs for bespoke app development and instead use an affordable subscription model.

If you can send me information about your project I will be able to advise on the best use of Situate and the associated costs.

Kind regards


Hello Lion,

I am Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development company from India. I have emailed you with the example of our work on Retail app for the US based client. We can surely discuss your concept in depth when you share the related documents.

Please get in touch. My email : kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com