Generic app to demo to potential customers

I am looking for a developer who can program me a basic app to use like the proximity demo in the Estimote app. The generic app should allow changing the message based on distance to the beacons and the art pushed to the device.

It’s an app that can be private labeled to demo to different customers but functionality is the same.

The trigger results can be a presented ad, or to access a customer website offer online or other similar action based on the presentation to the customer.

we are located in Israel but the developer can be anywhere in the world :slight_smile:

Hi Shay,

We have an iOS app on Apple Store which you can use for this with your Estimote iBeacons. Try it if it helps. Here is the link

You can add your iBeacons and have custom messages set for each iBeacon

Let me know in case you face any issues


Shay, בוקר טוב

I represent Space-O. Our company specializes in the professional custom development of complex Hardware devices, Mobile apps and IoT solutions for Enterprises and Startups.

We would like to help you with the development of the app to demo to a potential customer.

Here are some initial questions:

  • Do you want to manage content which would be shown on the trigger results from the smartphone or from the web side?
  • Which platform iOS or Android to you want to start with?
  • Do you want to gather statistics from smartphones?

You can send your answers directly to my email:
or left them here.

We would be happy to help you with the development of such marketing&promotional demo system.


Feel free to call me: +79528823762 (+WhatApp/Telegram/Viber)

Hello Shay, we are an app developer company and work on iBeacon integrated apps, would you like to share your email for further communication? Or let me know if I share mine.


We are from Techware Solution. We are mobile app development company based in India with specialization in iBeacon technology.

We have expertise in leveraging beacon technology and we can surely help you achieve your goal.

Recently we launched QUICKFOOD , The beacon based food ordering app for hospitality industry.

Please contact me with more requirements about your project and we can take forward our discussion.


Look forward to hear from you.

Team Techware


I have same application ready, You can contact me at for demo.