Integrate Wireless Sensor readings with Estimote SDK to create application

Hey I wanted to build the app which receive the reading of wireless sensor using Node MCU But I have not much good knowledge about using estimote SDK tools,
following are some of my requirement where I need your suggestion to make it functional

  • I wanted design the application which display the reading as live streaming in Bargraph
  • Also connect the data with GSM device and create the alert notification via sms on mobile phone whenever temperature disruption will be there
  • Use GSM module whenever the device is not connect to WIFI connection and while sharing SMS alert It also share the WIFI status

Your Suggestion will be very helpful

Hello @Berty15, I would like to develop this app for you with my hands on experience with the Estimote Ibeacon mobile applications, I would like to share that I have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once

the ibeacon is detected. I have worked with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal,,

Chinese ibeacons. I have developed following categories of applications that involves ibeacon detection as the key


  • ibeacon detection for restaurant application to push the various offers.
  • ibeacon detection in offices to detect and calculate the waiting time of the visitors in the office.

Following is the link to the app that I developed recently that works with estimote beacons:
Hoop App:

Roxle demo:
Consumer Side:
Vendor Side:
I also have good knowledge of asynchronous programming, background tasks, NSThread, caching, HTTP and socket connection

network programming, image processing, push notifications, in-app purchase, human interface guidelines for iOS/Android apps and app store publication.

Let me know if we can set up a meeting so that we can discuss the GSM-based connection things in details.

Looking forward to your affirmative response.

Ashish Agrawal

Hey the demo you have showed in drop box did you work is it on Estiomote or on some other platform can you please suggest how to install register raspberry pi device using estimote and perform the the functions ?