Indoor navigation system

I am developing an indoor navigation system for the blind people in Android. This application will guide the blind person through voice. I am at a loss to understand how will I be able to provide location information to the blind person using the app through the eddystone beacons. How can I make some map to provide live location traversing or some other way. Becauce the app and beacon should know where the blind person is and now in which direction should this person be directed to move.
Any help will be highly regarded

Sadly, our Indoor Location technology is currently not available for Android ):

You could take a stab at building a simplified version using our Android SDK—it won’t get you the (x,y) position of the person inside the venue, but will tell you what beacon they’re next to. You could use this information to infer which section of the building they’re in (e.g., at the entrance, outside the elevators on the 1st floor, etc.) and then provide rough navigation clues (e.g., if they’re at the entrance, you could say “the customer service desk is 50 meters to your right”).