Indoor navigation for blind people

How will I be able to make an indoor navigation system for blind people that can notify about the location of blind person in a building with good efficiency and can guide him about where should he move next to go to his desired location in the building. Any help will be highly regarded. The application can be voice controlled but the main challenge is how to know about the location inside the building and tell this to blind person to get next instruction to move

Our Android SDK can let your detect what beacons are around the user, and which one is the closest based on the signal strength. You can then take this information and figure out where the user is: for example, if your app determines that the user is next to beacon “123”, and you know from Estimote Cloud that beacon “123” is “lobby area”, then your app can tell the user that they’re in the lobby + provide guidance to the next point of interest.

Once your app determines that the user has moved to the beacon that’s installed at the next point of interest, it can then provide further navigation instructions, etc.

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