Indoor Location tracking using LTE Beacon

Hi, newbie coming in. I’d like to check with you guys if an app had been written to use the newly launched LTE beacon for Indoor Location Tracking.

Kind of the same as the regular estimote beacons applications. A simple code using estimote cloud IDE to demonstrate x,y tracking with LTE beacons installed in an area.


If you mean how to use Indoor Location SDK with the LTE Beacons, the general idea is the same as with Location Beacons. You make the beacons broadcast Location packet with 200 ms interval and +4 dBm signal strength (the “Indoor Location configuration”), you create a map where you mark the position of the beacons, and the Indoor SDK does the rest. The LTE Beacon is just another beacon here.

Of course, there’s a ton of other options with the LTE Beacon: for example, LTE Beacon can be playing the role of the smartphone = know the floor plan, scan for Location Beacons, and do some math to figure out its own (x,y) position.

Or, a bunch of LTE Beacons deployed in fixed/known positions could be scanning for Stickers or Proximity tags affixed to objects or name-badges, and some a kind of “reverse Indoor Location”.

Basically, LTE Beacons are capable of replacing the smartphone in the Indoor Location equation.

We’ve been playing around with some of these ideas (for fun, but also for some of our customers), but have nothing ready-made or specific to share in the public yet. You’re welcome to experiment on your own and share your results with the community (: Or, if you have a specific project/use-case in mind, you can shoot us an email to, and we’ll see how we can help.