Feature request - Unity Support

It would be great if estimote would offer an official unity plugin. Right now we are at the mercy of going native, going Xamarin, or trying to leverage a unity asset store package or two to get what we need. Curious if there is more interest from the community…?


We’re curious about the interest too! (:

I’ve recently build an example of how to use the Indoor SDK in a Unity project (basically just a super-simple binding)


I know this is not as helpful as a high-quality, plug-and-play Asset Store Package, but hopefully it makes the idea of using Estimote inside a Unity project a little bit more approachable.

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This is a great sign - added this to our backlog to take for a spin, thank you @heypiotr!

Yes indeed this would be great to have as an asset store item for a couple of reasons (unity devs will find it sooner and maybe avoid going 3rd party, slightly easier to consume, etc) - but if the bits work, that’s all we need!

I’m trying to use this example project to test my indoor beacon, but it’s not being detected by my Android device. I entered my game’s App ID, App Token, and the Beacon ID, and set up a Game Object with the Indoor Test script and blank text object attached to it, but it’s still not being detected. Are there additional steps for Android users?

Mhmm, I wonder if this is lack of location permissions—for some reason, when I was writing this example, I didn’t show how to request it. A quick work-around for now would be to manually go to Settings => Apps => app name => Permissions, and flip the switch next to Location.

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My location permissions are already enabled in my device’s app settings, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Am I misinterpreting which number string represents the Beacon ID? The one that I used was taken from Estimote Cloud in the Beacon’s Settings page. Or perhaps my formatting is wrong?


I also installed the sample app for Single Proximity Beacon native Android SDK from the Estimote Cloud just to make sure that it wasn’t my device. The native Android SDK works perfectly fine, so perhaps it’s an issue with the Unity integration missing a callback

Did anyone get the example to work?

FYI, I’ve just updated the Android portion of the example, so that it once again builds for me on the latest version of Unity.