Indoor location path visibility

As of now the navigation guy moves through the path of beacon, and it is visible like a line connected between beacons, and navigation guy moves through it, is there a way to make that line path like a room structure in ios. Please help me.

As of now the path comes like the above image, is there any way to make it in room manner, to make the navigation guy walk inside the room.
Is there a way to acheive it? Need help on it.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. What app are you trying to build?

i need to make an illusion like man is walking inside a room…is it possible to acheive it?

Could you give us more details? What do you mean by an illusion? Are we talking Indoor Location with beacons here?

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Hi Akshea,
I also don’t understand your task, but I will try to help you.
The navigation guy is walking into the room on this plot. There is no path of beacons or something like that. The connection lines between the beacons are your room walls. When you create a room map, you have to go along the walls. You can show this on in this nice video of indoor sdk.
If your navigation guy is walking outside this lines, your map is not created correctly.

Path is coming correctly and navigation guy is also walking inside the lines only, what i have to acheive is i want to create a room like structure say may be 2D room , and need to make the navigation guy walk inside the room

Illusion means, like man is walking inside a room where beacons are placed. it should be like, really man is walking inside the room and moving near beacons, something like below image, which would be room like structure, is it possible to acheive

So you want to use Indoor Location to track as people move through the space and visualize it on a 3D-like map, as the one you attached? Sure, that’s perfectly doable—you’ll just need to translate the (x, y) coordinates into the isometric projection.

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exactly your correct heypiotr. I want to achieve wat you said, is it possible? If so, how to achieve it, is there any source code of it?

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