JSON file from location - Indoor SDK

How to get the JSON file from the location created from Estimote Indoor IOS app.

We’ve deprecated the use of the JSON files w/ locations in favor of storing and fetching them from Estimote Cloud.

You can learn how to store and fetch a location from Estimote Cloud in our Indoor SDK tutorial:


Would you mind letting us know where you’ve found a mention of the JSON file? We’ve removed it from our documentation and other resources, but apparently something missed our attention, as I guess otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question (:

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Estimote Indoor Location Tutorial (Swift) is json based.

It is also referenced in EILLocation.h

Instances of `EILLocation` can be obtained by fetching from the Estimote Cloud (see `EILRequestFetchLocation` and `EILRequestFetchLocations`), created by `EILLocationBuilder` or by importing JSON with `[EILLocationBuilder parseFromJSON:]`.

it seems as though Estimote doesnt actually want anyone to setup their own apps.