Can not complete beacon configration process using iOS-Indoor-SDK

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Today i have downloaded latest indoor SDK from here iOS-Indoor-SDK
but i could not complete calibration process as i can not move forward without Configuration of beacons.Kindly do needful for this issue. I have attached screen shot of error my beacons were near to device still its giving me error.

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Hello Team,

I am facing same issue using the latest iOS SDK (Release Date:- 9-04-2015) .

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Please check if all the beacons are properly assigned to your Estimote Accounts. You can check it by logging into Estimote Cloud:

Also, do you experience any issues with those beacons apart from the Indoor Location configuration step?


What’s the firmware version of your beacons?

@heypiotr firmware version of my beacon is Estimote OS A3.0.1


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I have already checked that thing by logging into Estimote Cloud: and if something is wrong with that then it will give me error at very first steps when beacons are activated from gray one --> colored one. Surprizing thing for me is i can find beacons but can not configure as you can see in image.

That’s odd. Can you check what happens when you got to the ‘Beacons’ screen in Estimote iOS app and try to manually change settings on a beacon?


Using Estimote app (after login with my credentials) when i click on “Beacons” i can see list of beacons. I can change its property i.e Broadcasting power or any other.

Got it. We’ve just released a new version of the Indoor app to the App Store. Please download it and try configuring the beacons again: it should help. The app is on iTunes:


@heypiotr and @Wojtekb

One more thing i want to add if we test this thing using Estimote Indoor Location. This will work fine. The only problem is when we use iOS-Indoor-SDK

Sadly, the “beacon configuration wizard” bundled with the Indoor SDK currently depends on Estimote SDK pre-3.0. And beacons with firmware 3.0 require Estimote SDK 3.0 to be able to connect to them. Which means that at this point, it’s not possible to do automatic beacon configuration of beacons with firmware 3.0 via the Indoor SDK. You’ll need to configure your beacons manually (max broadcasting power, advertising interval 200 ms or less, basic power mode disabled) and then press “skip” on the auto-configuration screen.

We’re working on migrating the Indoor SDK to use Estimote SDK 3.0, but this will still take a week or two.

Note that the indoor positioning itself works just fine with Indoor SDK and beacons with firmware 3.0—it’s just the auto-configuration part.


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