Cannot find motion service UUID in Estimote proximity beacons

I cannot find motion service UUID nor the main Estimote service uuid in Estimote proximity beacons Dev Kit.
I’m using noble nodejs library.
Hardware G1.8, OS 4.5.1.
Motion and telemetry are enabled.

I would expect the beacon to advertise its main service UUID i.e. b9403000f5f8466eaff925556b57fe6d, while the only services available (and characteristics of these services) are the following.

Please advice how to reach motion service or what I might be doing wrong.

1800 ( Generic Access ):
- 2a00 ( Device Name ): read
- 2a01 ( Appearance ): read
- 2a04 ( Peripheral Preferred Connection Parameters ): read
1801 ( Generic Attribute ):
- 2a05 ( Service Changed ): indicate
6c372000d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ):
- 6c372001d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ): writeWithoutResponse
- 6c372002d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ): write, notify
- 6c372004d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ): read
6c371000d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ):
- 6c371002d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ): notify
- 6c371001d2cc11e49a1f0002a5d5c51b ( null ): writeWithoutResponse, write

If you want to detect motion in your G1.8 beacons, it’s better to use the Telemetry packet:

We even have an example noble app to detect and parse these packets: