I need a Developer to develop a simple iBeacon and Eddynote App

Project details: My name is Ryan, and I need a Developer to be able to develop and successfully publish an iBeacon and Eddynote App for my micro-business in both the iOS AppStore as well as Google Play. This will likely be one of the most SIMPLEST Estimote Apps you’ve ever created.
Scope: Every skillset is needed, as the App doesn’t exist yet; Frontend, backend, Android, iOS, UX, APIs, etc.
Region: I’m seeking someone in the southwestern USA, and I accept remote work. You must have existing Apps published in both environments.
Timeline: Project deadline is set for April 1st. Developers need to contact me before January 29th 2016.
Budget: This is a for-profit project, with a starting budget of $2K.
Contact details: ryan@nvoyce.com, and reference "the nvoyce LBS app"
Additional info: I need you to develop and sell all rights/IP/code/the App to my company. This App will be small and scalable. Almost a pilot App if you will, however I need to be able to sell the functionality and enterprise-level access of the App to interested businesses. Should success become apparent, I’d like to keep you on board to scale outward.

Hi Ryan,

I’m Kirtan Thaker. I have dropped you detailed email. We can surely help you develop this pilot app.

Let us get in touch.