I can't see my estimotes

This is my first time I am using my estimote, I just downloaded the ap from the app store and I can't see any device, I tried to with my samsung s4 using the demo app published in the play store and it does not work too.

What is happening with my estimotes? maybe the battery?

Are you sure you have Android 4.3.?


Yes, I am using android 4.4.2 in my Samsung galaxy s4, I am using an iPhone 5c and I am using too and iPad mini, it doesn't work. I can't see my estimotes.

Hi Leandro,

Sorry for the issue. Please make sure you have a bluetooth on and location services for Estimote app enabled.

If it doesn't help please write me directly aga@estimote.com and we will figure out what is the problem.


Ok, thank you.

My Developer Preview Kit of 3 Estimote beacons is not registering at all within the Estimote app (nor any other iBeacon apps). Are the batteries all already dead or is this a firmware issue - this is the first time I have tried to use them since I got them (7 months ago).

I have the same problem as Simon's. I am not sure how I can replace the battery; the rubber seems to be glued on and I don't want to break them unless I am told by Estimote it is okay to do so. A youtube video of how to do that would be of great help.

It's the batteries. There were firmware updates I skipped which addressed consumption issues. Cut it open on top head to toe. You need a new CR2450 coin battery. Estimote have new cases if you need them.

Thanks Simon. I guess I just have to email Estimote to enquire re: new cases?

Hi all,

For this kind of cases, please contact us directly at contact(at)estimote.com. We have to troubleshoot you and that's the easiest way to do it. Be sure to provide us with your order number, testing device and software version.