Eddystone URL Nearables on Android

I am seeing an issue when using the Nearables as URL Eddystone on Android 4.4 as well at 6.0. When I retrieve the Eddystone from the onEddystonesFound they always have a null url field. I tried switching back to the regular stones and configuring them as URL Eddystone and they work fine.

When looking at the configuration for the Nearables on the Estimate Android app the URL field keeps spinning and never resolves to anything. As for the iOS app it does show the configured URL. I would assume the Estimote Android app uses the same SDK as I am consuming and was wondering if this bug could possibly be related to what I am seeing in app?

SDK Version 0.16.0
Nearable Version: SA1.3.0

Sounds like a potential bug indeed! Would you mind reporting it on our Android SDK GitHub?